Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition Preview Party 2022

Royal Academy of Arts, London

The Royal Academy’s Summer Exhibition is one of the most soughtafter events in the art world, as the kick start the season of new work and funds to the art world. We have passionately supported them for the last twelve years with this glamourous and exciting fundraising event. In 2022 the theme made a bold statement and showcased elements of nature, sustainability and climate awareness.



Our dedicated team provides consultancy and experience to the production which helps to elevate the artists and their creativity. Made from recycled bottles, huge ‘RA’ letters set the backdrop for the red carpet and created a great photo opportunity with an impressive entrance which photos flood the papers in the days to come.

Inside the RA, we had commissioned and built bespoke zero-waste grass, herbaceous bars and food stations. The entire day was filled with celebrity DJ’s and entertainment, including a showstopping performance by Sigrid.

This is an amazing event with a real purpose that represents the arts moving forward and promoting a green and sustainable future. We are so proud to be part of this influential and inspiring event and look forward to supporting many more.